Why Should You Take Your Own Shopping Bags To The Supermarket?

Here are some pointers that will make you start using reusable bags instead of paper bags or plastic bags, almost immediately!

It Is Safe For Animals and the Environment

Bringing your own bags to the store means you would not get to buy any more plastic bags and endanger the environment. These plastic bags will probably end up in a landfill or even other places where it is exposed to innocent wildlife where they might consume them or become entangled in them.

You Save Money When You Bring Reusable Bags

It is true that many grocery stores and even supermarkets offer a discount when you take your own eco-friendly produce bag. When you check out make sure you ask the cashier if the supermarket offers any discounts on eco-friendly bags.

It Is Super Convenient Activism

If you go ahead and get some totes with a specific message, you can act like a billboard for your own cause. These reusable bags might go great with your relaxed attire too!

It Provides Solid Transport for Valuable Items

The cloth totes or the reusable bags are great for transporting heavy items. Unlike the flimsy plastic bags or paper bags they do not tend to cave under the weight of whatever is in your bag and you get to use these great bags over and over again too! Is there anything else like this?

They Help With Keeping the Clutter to a Minimum

When you use plastic bags the chance that the items in the bags get cluttered is extremely high. You might purchase or take the item with you but not know where it is. You do not need such a mess in your life!

Plus these plastic bags tend to gather at all the nooks and crannies of the kitchen or your dining room or specifically under the sink perhaps. If you are planning to get rid of these annoying plastic bags that seem to pile up all over the house, go ahead and recycle them! It is a great idea to get rid of them and it will make way for you to start using the reusable bags!

Quick Decomposition!

Did you know that a plastic bag can spend from 15 years up to 1000 decomposing and breaking down, depending on the condition of your environment?

Plastic bags are not bio-degradable unlike paper bags. However they tend to break down the process of photo degradation. This phenomena is mainly induction of the decomposition process via the exposure to light. Once the bag is exposed to light they happen to break down into miniature toxic particles.

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You Get To Stop Feeding Animals Plastic

According to an estimation, around one million birds and around 100,000 turtles and an innumerable number of other sea creatures die due to ingesting plastic. These animals confuse the floating plastic bags with edible sea creatures the likes of plankton and jellyfish. And once the animals ingest the plastic bags they starve to death as the plastic happens to block the digestive tract.