How to Prep For the First Day of University?

Now that you have finally graduated from school and enjoyed your summer vacation, ita��s time to step out of your comfort zone and prepare yourself for the real world out there which is bound to have loads of surprises in store. As the time to pursue your higher education gets closer, here are some tips on how to prep for the first day of university.

Organize Yourself

It is obvious that you will have a lot of interacting to do on the first day. Therefore, it is important to prepare the previous day especially if you hate meeting new people or feel uncomfortable in unfamiliar social situations. You could even rehearse your introduction in front of the mirror if you get anxious when asked to speak about yourself in front of a new classroom. In addition, it is important to prepare all the necessary items such as books, stationary and other basic necessities. Organize your time and make sure you reach campus at least an hour prior to the lecture in order to avoid being late on the first day.

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Make a Statement

The saying a�?the first impression is the last impressiona�? is actually quite true up to an extent. Life at university is going to be quite different to your school life. On the first day, you will get the opportunity to meet various people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Therefore it is important to make a good impression on your lecturers and peers too. Remember to dress appropriately and wear something comfortable yet stylish such as a long sleeve midi dress or jeans paired with a cotton top in order to appear presentable at all times. You can leave the pajamas for your final year, but for the first year, it is important to dress right.

Interact With Your Peers

Your school friends might all be in different parts of the world at this time. So, ita��s time to move on and make new friends as this is going to be your home for the next few years. Dona��t arrive on the first day with a sleepy or sulking face as this is going to make you seem unapproachable. Try to make eye contact and smile or even go up to your classmates and try striking a conversation. It is always better to have a few friends to sit with on your first lecture or during lunch break too.

The first day at university is bound to be quite nerve-wracking as you will have to make new friends and adjust to a completely new environment. But, dona��t stress, as ita��s only a matter of time before you start calling this new place, a�?homea��.

Fashion Tips for the Mother of the Bride

The member of the bridal party that often has the most difficult time trying to find what to wear is the mother of the bride. However, since you will have just as much of a spotlight as the bride herself, it is important for you to look a�� and feel a�� good. It is unfortunate that there are few guidelines to helping mothers find the perfect clothes, accessories, and makeup for their daughtera��s big day. Luckily, if you are looking for a little bit of assistance, you will be able to find it here:

Out with the Old, In With the New

For some reason, most people feel the need to put mothers of the brides in dowdy dress suits. These are quite outdated and rarely flatter anybody. To look your best, you will be much better off with a lovely dress instead. If you still want to feel as though you are a bit covered up, you can. For instance, try a knee length dress with sleeves that stop short of the elbow. It is important to ensure that the dress fits well and isna��t too frumpy.

Get Advice with the Colour

One area that you should consult your daughter is when it comes to the colour. You will need to find out whether or not she has a particular colour scheme in mind for her bridal party. Also, she may want you to coordinate with the grooma��s mother as well. If you are given free rein and are having some trouble settling on a shade, you can opt for neutral hues. Pale grey, light salmons, or even beige will always prove to be a hit. Always make certain that the shade complements your skin tone and hair colour.

Choose Impressive Accessories

As a mother of the bride, it is practically traditional for you to wear an impressive headpiece. The best way to stand out in this manner is to buy fascinator. You can decide to go as big or as bold as you like a�� just make sure that you are not blocking the view of the people who will be seated behind you! It is especially important to choose a statement headpiece if your dress is relatively simple by comparison.

Avoid Too Many Layers

There are a few things that are no longer in style for mothers of the bride. At the very top of the list are boleros and pantyhose. This means to minimise the number of layers that you are donning as much as possible. Choose a stylish overcoat instead if you are worried about getting cold.

These are the only style tips that you need when clothes shopping for your daughtera��s wedding.