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Must-Read Tips for Painting Your House

A show-stopping paint job can even increase the re-sale value of your house while protecting it against the extreme climate changes.

What Options Of Paint Can You Consider?

There are basically two types of paint that are ideal for the exterior of your home:  oil-based alkyd paint and water-based latex paint. The latter can be cleaned up with water and soap and it dries super quickly. It has an odourthat’s almost non-existent and it stays flexible for a long period of time, meaning it hardly ever cracks up. If you decide to go with the best quality latex paint, remember to ask for one with 100% acrylic resins.

On the other hand, the Alkyd paints need a solvent the likes of mineral spirits, meaning paint thinner to clean it up instead of water and soap. However, many pro house painters go ahead with alkyd paint because of its durability, the ability to resist stains and the quality of smooth flow. Plus the alkyd paint dries up with fewer marks of the brush. But, many find the pungent smell of the solvent and the slow-drying quality a negative feature.

Who Is Going To Take Up The Job?

If you are planning to get into your raggedy clothes and do the job on your own, remember to prime the surface if you are applying latex paint on a wall that has already been painted with alkyd paint. If you are not a pro and have no idea how to identify the alkyd paint from latex and located in Brisbane, the best thing is to get help from the experienced painters Brisbane. Talk to these professionals and get an idea of which variety of paint to go ahead with and see if it fits your budget.

HowMuch Are You Willing To Splurge?

Since there is no actual formula for picking out the ideal paint for your house, most homeowners go ahead with what best fits their budget. Therefore, start out with your budget before you even you decide on the type of the paint. Make sure to purchase the best type of paint that you can afford since the price of the paint will surely indicate the quality of the paint job. But remember that paints with an expensive price tag will come with way more pigments than bargain paints on sale. And these produce a much thicker, durable, protective coating to your walls.

Prepping the Surface

You need to clean the exteriors of the house in order to make sure that the new paint sticks well to the surface. Clean up the grime, dirt and even the chalky residue from the previous coats of paint. Go ahead with a power sprayer as it is the hassle-free way to achieve this task. If you have some time on your hands you can definitely resort to hand-scrubbing with a brush with stiff bristles.

Brush or Roller?

Although most of us might think otherwise, the best way to paint the exterior of the house is with both the paint brush and the roller. Brushes can reach the nooks and crannies that the roller usually cannot and the roller will take care of the larger spaces.